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Composing An Outstanding Cause And Effect Essay In 4 Steps

The aim with a cause and effect essay is to explain the reasons (causes) or the results (effects) of a situation or event. For instance, you may write your paper on the “Effects of playing too many video games” or “The causes of environmental pollution”. Sometimes a situation causes something else to happen, and that situation leads to yet another event. There are thousands of topics to write about and constructing a thoughtful essay can be accomplished following these simple steps:

Step 1: Brainstorm and Outline Your Topic

The first step in writing an outstanding paper is brainstorm topic ideas. You should choose something you already know about, yet something you can explore further in order to comprehend more thoroughly. Take your best idea and construct a simple but inclusive thesis statement. Start your outline from this point, putting in brief topic statements with evidence in support of your central argument. Arrange your outline so that your paper is presented in a logical order.

Step 2: Write a Compelling Introduction

In this type of paper, the purpose of an introduction is to give some background on your topic and explain why understanding the cause and effect of it is important. Your introduction should give a preview of what the rest of the paper is about, so don’t spend time writing about things that don’t directly relate to your topic. You might want to simply preview your main topic points.

Step 3: Make Strong Arguments in Your Body Paragraphs

In this kind of paper, it’s recommended you have three strong arguments to serve as your main points. Your reader might become confused if you provide more than the three. While there may be multiple causes or effects to discuss, you really should narrow your focus to just a single aspect, expressing the closest and strongest relationship between the two. Each argument should be backed up with at least two or three factual statements to support your central argument.

Step 4: Write Your Summary Conclusion

Experts agree that a strong conclusion might be the most important component of any type of essay writing. It’s an opportunity to leave your reader with a lasting impression, which should bode well when your paper is being graded. Evidence presented in the body paragraphs should be summed up and synthesized so that the reader knows how it all relates together. In this way you show the reader how you have succeeded in proving your thesis statement.

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