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Concluding A Persuasive Essay: What Words To Use

A persuasive essay demands your opinion on a trend; a stature or a condition. It may be a law which warrants a debate on banning; it may be about the impact of objectification of women on newspapers with an idea to titillate; it may be your take on a significant event, say, Middle East Crisis.

Be methodical with the topic

Now, it needs to be kept in mind that you cannot let loose the stream of your expressions. It is necessary to stem the flow so that your essay retains homogeneity and appears practical. It is quite easy to wax eloquent on a legendary player or pour out venom on a macabre mentality behind rape. You have to thus make sure that you remain realistic while placing your opinions.

Thick and thin of it

In order to place a typical moderator, these essays come with a conclusion. Herein, you are required to sum the topic again and summarize what you have written in the body. Remember not to come with a fresh perspective in the conclusion. If possible, offer the readers with the future connotation of the subject and what may happen if things happen according to your stated opinions.

What is a conclusion?

Thus, it is clear that the conclusion is a call to action and a summary of the essay. You have to thrust the readers into action by the force of your conclusion. It is therefore clear that you ought to use dynamic words; not sedentary ones. Your conclusion is nothing but a summarizing paragraph.

Words to use

You should stick to ‘I infer’ or ‘I propose’ rather than ‘I feel’ or ‘I presume’ in your essay conclusion. You should make it clear that there are no grey lines in your exposition. You should come out as having a clear mind on the subject.

Let’s take an example of an essay conclusion –

Should corporal punishment be banned?

The law states that murderers or terrorists should be handed corporal punishment. However, in my view, this defeats the precept of compassion on which our constitution is based. Most murderers become one through circumstantial necessity; ugly environment or provocation at vulnerable times. I agree that there may be exceptions, but laws are made on generalization, not exceptions. Therefore, I propose to hand them life imprisonment (not more than 20 years) during which efforts should be made to harness their mentality and show them the positives of simple life. In summary, I state that corporal punishments should be banned.

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