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A List Of The 15 Best Business Essay Topics For College Students

When you enter the business program at any college or university, you should be ready to write essays. Each of the different fields in business, whether it be International or commercial, will require a student to be able to communicate in written form. You also need to be aware of the condition of the subject as well as new breakthroughs in the subject. Use our list of the 15 best composition topics for college students in this field.

15 Best Paper Ideas

  1. International- whether exploring trade with China or India you must be aware of the trends in this topic
  2. Fashion- while you may not plan on going into this field you need to be able to talk about it
  3. Bitcoins- will they stay or will they go
  4. Scandals- scandals are just not for social media and reality TV many scandals in this field have changed the manner of operating
  5. Taxation- ready look at taxation through the years, you can start with the British tea tax on the Americas
  6. The illegal trade- what is and isn't allowed and why
  7. Sports in business- look at the various job opportunities in the World of Sports
  8. The stock market- how and why it works like it does
  9. Trends in the Trade- pick at random the last 10, 20, 30, or any other year time. And then see why that trend happened and what has happened to that trend as of now
  10. Entrepreneurs- take a look at any other four door and see what has made them successful
  11. Cutting Edge- see us taking a different approach in the field and whether it has or has not worked
  12. Entertainment, Resorts, and shopping- while these three ideas sound like things you do on the weekend, you can explore how this will impact each of these three fun things
  13. College- which colleges have the best programs in the field
  14. Careers and education- pick any career in the field and then explore what education, specialized programs, and classes are necessary for a person to have success in that career
  15. Internships- which ones are the best, why you need to have one, and how the internship can be a stepping stone to the job of your choice

The next time you are in class and the teacher assigns a composition be prepared to ride create of an intriguing paper while using one of our 25 exciting ideas.

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