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Where To Find An Example Of A Good Descriptive Essay Introduction

Experienced educators and academics say that the most effective way of learning how to do something is by learning by example. This principle can be applied to essay writing, specifically in writing an introduction to a descriptive essay, where you want to learn how to effectively catch the reader’s attention right from the start. Here are suggestions for where to find an example of a good descriptive introduction:

  • Get One from Your Professor
  • The first place you should be checking to find a good example is with your professor. The same person who gave you this assignment is likely to have several archived copies of papers from former students or have sample papers detailing the elements of a well-written essay. Don’t hesitate to ask for some direction in completing your own assignment. You’ll be surprised at how much this shows the professor that you are taking the initiative to improve and are putting in the effort to ensure you get the assignment completed correctly.

  • Hire a Professional Service
  • Most students will tell you that hiring a professional service is easily the most convenient and cost-effective way of getting a good example. Check out some customer reviews before making your choice, preferably ones that are posted on independent sites. While these kinds of services may seem similar there are some that are a cut above the rest when it comes to providing great service and excelling products.

  • Find a Qualified Freelancer
  • Freelancing website services have made it easier for people to find qualified freelancers who can take on their projects. Post your project and request for professionals to bid. Review profiles and portfolios to make sure you select the right person. It would be good to narrow your list to a few options then to interview each of the candidates separately. Be sure to hire somebody with plenty of experience doing academic writing and preferably somebody who understands descriptive writing.

  • Consult the Web Community
  • Finally, be sure to reach out to the web community for some assistance. Visit an online forum or chatroom and post your request to view an example of a good descriptive essay introduction. Anyone with more experience could share his or her resources to lend you a helping hand. Be sure to state that you aren’t in need of the entire essay, instead pointing out that you only are interested in looking at the introduction.

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