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Where To Look For A Reliable Essay Grammar Checker Available For Free

Essay writing is a gradual task. You do not simply have to pen down a certain number of words against a specific topic. There is much involved like planning, researching, and data collection, data analysis, writing the first draft, editing and proofing your work. Even though the format of all essays remains same, you still need to divide your task in to easy steps so that you can create a winning assignment within no time.

Typically, all kinds of written assignments can be completed in three steps

  1. Pre-writing- This is where you need to carry out research, plan your paper, brainstorm for possible ideas, set milestones, divide work load, look for an effective topic, find your voice, know your direction and develop an understanding of the paper, You should create the outline for the entire essay in this phase and list similar data in same place. You can make use of bullets, headings, diagrams and numbers to make this phase clearer.
  2. Writing- This is where you write the first draft of your paper using the data from your outline you created in the first step. Writers do not worry about the grammatical and spelling mistakes in the paper at this point. The last step aims to have dealt with such issues.
  3. Post writing- This is the final and most critical part of your writing process. If you miss this last 10% then your essay will not have a finished and proper look. This is where you can gain competitive advantage over your classmates and colleagues’

Even though these phases are clear enough for students, sometimes they are short of time or skill to complete a certain phase on their own. Most of the times, students skip the last and most important step because they either do not know how to proofread their paper or do not have time.

Reliable grammar checkers

To solve this problem you should look for someone who can help you proofread your paper and check if it is grammatically sound. If you hesitate in asking a person you know, you can simply search for a software program and paste your essay there. It will identify all the places that have mistaken and fix it for you. Some of these programs charge while others have free trial versions. You can choose the one that suits you the best and get your essay proofread.

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