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List Of Intriguing Argumentative Essay Topics On World History

History surrounds us and many times it is always repeated or rather it repeats itself. Everyone is interested in knowing the history of their country and when it comes to writing about some past events about your life, family, country or anything, some people may find it quite an uphill task. To a greater extent, you may be required to generate a literary piece on world History at last. Well, the first and most crucial step towards coming up with a masterpiece is to be widely read. You ought to read history books both from the school library and from online academic sources. With the advent of the World Wide Web, things are even easier because a click of a button will let you into a world of information plethora. There is much you can read about on the web and particularly with regard to historical account of the world. As you brainstorm on the topics, it is imperative to take note of the necessary requirements when making this composition with one being that, it should be chronologically written. One account after the other and everything should be vividly explained. Further, even as this article will provide you with examples of essay topics on this subject, it is important to note that, the topics which you generate should be specific enough to ease your composition writing. Do not go for a wide topic which may just stray the course of your writing and confuse readers. Let’s take a look at some topical examples.

  • The fall of the Berlin Wall: How East and West Germany came to be
  • The American constitution. The drafting and implementation of America’s great constitution: Tracing the history
  • The Gulf War: What Happened?
  • The great Chinese empire: Chinese Resurgence
  • The Slave trade: Beginning and the end
  • The American Revolutionary war
  • Tracing the effects of American Civil war: Two centuries later
  • The Decline of USSR: Integration of a dreaded superpower
  • The war in Vietnam: What caused the War?
  • The civil rights movements in the United State of America: Tracing the struggle and freedom of colored minorities.
  • The History of African colonization: Which countries were not colonized?
  • Global Fight against Measles: Was it won?
  • Famous world leaders who died before 30?
  • Tracing the original of World War II: What were the effects of the war and who won?
  • The History of the Internet

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