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A List Of The Best Argumentative Essay Topics On Sports

An argumentative essay differs from all other types. It’s the most difficult, but also the most interesting one. In an argumentative essay, you have to announce a claim and then prove it. You mustn’t express your own opinion or any personal attitude. It’s necessary to be impartial and reasonable. Provide trustworthy proof-points, use facts and references to authorities. Your main task is to touch everyone’s feelings. No matter whether your readers support you or have opposite opinions, you must make all of them sit up and take notice.

Choose a Controversial Topic

This might seem a tall order, but it’s half the battle. The subject of your text should be a matter of debate for the majority of people. At the same time, it must sting to the quick not only your readers, but you yourself as well.

  • You must be interested in the issue; otherwise your evidence will seem weak.
  • Avoid using sports slang, because the paper should be understandable for those who are not into sports too.
  • Don’t be too emotional and quick-tempered.
  • Avoid lame arguments and misplaced words.

No One is Indifferent to Sports

Some people watch football or hockey, others prefer figure skating or tennis. Someone may play basketball in the yard; when a fan will pay a fortune in order to see a famous boxer with his/her own eyes. You can even hate any physical activities and competitions, but you’ll have to listen about healthy living or the result of the match in transport at work or at the supermarket. There are hundreds of athletes and kinds of sports. Therefore, if you ask some of your friends to name the best footballer or racing driver, at least two of them will hold opposite opinions.

The Most Arguable Points to Dispute

  • Does physical activity provide benefits or do harm?
  • Nothing ventured, nothing gained: traumas during the training
  • The tragic fate of disabled players
  • The influence of mass media on contest results
  • Should women be allowed to compete against men?
  • The most traumatizing kinds of sports
  • Why are black athletes the fastest runners?
  • High money at the Olympic games: business vs talent
  • Should dope be allowed officially?
  • Is a healthy diet necessary for an athlete?
  • Who is the best football-player of all time?
  • Should all schoolchildren attend PE classes?
  • At what age should kids start doing exercises?
  • The Klitscko’s phenomenon: the epoch of two brothers-boxers

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