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How To Pick Up Unique Argumentative Essay Topics In Law: Great Tips & Fresh Ideas

When writing an argumentative essay in law, one of the keys to success is choosing an original topic that is interesting to both you and your reader. Focusing your project on worn or recycled ideas won’t nearly be as enjoyable as doing something that is completely fresh. Here are some great tips and fresh ideas to focus your argumentative essay in law:

Great Tips for Coming Up with New Topics in Law

Consider learning a few things that are happening currently in the news for some things you can take a new approach on. Any current affairs will have a lot new material discussing the various points of view, thus providing with plenty of content to use in your work.

Read through your syllabus and think of some subject areas that interest you. Even if you haven’t yet done the readings or have spoken about a particular area in class, this exercise will use your own curiosity in your favor when deciding on a topic for a great paper.

Hold a brainstorming session with a few of your classmates. Nothing within the scope of your course should be off-limits. This exercise should also keep you from choosing a topic that might be discussed by one of your fellow classmate, ensuring that your work remains unique.

Fresh Ideas for Argumentative Essay Topics in Law

  1. What do you believe is more important: national security or personal privacy? Consider social profiling and similar issues.

  2. What local legal problems or issues do you think your government and law enforcement should focus on solving first?

  3. When is the use of military force as a preemptive strike justifiable? Who should maintain the responsibility of making that decision?

  4. Do you think that the nation’s leaders should be held to higher moral standards or should they fall under the same standards as the publics?

  5. What more can a society do legally to deter mass shootings? Do you think that stricter gun laws are the answer?

  6. Do you believe that immigrants that are in a nation illegally should be punished more harshly for crimes committed?

  7. Do think it’s right or wrong for governments and their politicians to threaten a shutdown of its services?

  8. Do you think that guns on private and public campuses should be allowed? And who is authorized to make the decision in cases of excessive force?

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