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Practical Advice On How To Organize A Personal Statement

A personal statement is a self-marketing tool that sets you apart from other potential candidates. It is an opportunity to share about your life’s hopes, objectives, experience, and inspirations. It makes one relevant to the committee. To make it appealing, the following advice should be taken into account:

Guidelines on how to organize a personal statement.

  • Begin by creating an outline. Mind-map all the great ideas you have on a rough copy. Assemble all the information you will determine to include in your personal statement and organize it in a sequential manner. This will help you to envision everything, giving you a clear picture of the final product.

  • Select content that will strike the reader’s attention in the most significant way. Focus on writing about experiences that make you unique and well suited for the particular position. Your goal is to create content that is fresh, vivacious and outstanding. The experiences you choose to write about should have made an impact on your life and resultantly making you a better person.

  • Include academic accomplishments and link them to skills and qualities you acquired. Be truthful and maintain a humble tone when writing this. In your humble state, portray your willingness to learn. Keep away from repeating information you had given previously in the application form.

  • Carefully consider work or volunteer experience. Your employment experience should have set a background for skills and qualities you possess. Analyze the skills and write only about the relevant ones that will impress the employer. Volunteer skills attained may not be in line with your field of work but recreate them around to see what relevant information can be beneficial.

  • In conclusion to your personal statement, write about your goals. Portray yourself as an ambitious person with a goal-oriented frame of mind. Keep it brief but enlightening. Close with an optimistic phrase that will persuade the selection committee to consider your application while showing your enthusiasm.

  • Proofread your work and correct any and all grammatical errors. A poorly written personal statement will not create a good first impression and will limit your chances of success. You can invite others to read your work and let them point out mistakes or make suggestions.

With the right research, proper structure and excellent grammar, you can compose a winning personal statement that will almost guarantee your triumph.

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