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4 Suggestions For Writing A Great Essay About New York City

Descriptive essays can be much more fun that some of the other types you are likely to encounter as a student. They allow you to use your imagination to come up with beautiful ways of explaining everyday things so that the reader feels like he or she is also experiencing them.

Places are some of the most popular things people describe. It may be a childhood home, the beach at sunset or a circus in full swing. If you want to write about a city, there are few you could think of that are as well known as New York. In order to really ace that paper, here are a few suggestions that you should follow:

If you don’t already live there, visit for a while

It is far to easy to think you know something because you read it in a book or a website or heard it from a friend. This is no way to gain the type of knowledge you need to describe a place with authenticity. You need to have walked the streets yourself to develop your own unique perspective on everything.

Read up on its history

A book is not a way to get all the information you need but sometimes historical context can make what you have noticed make more sense to you. Consider looking for a book that shows how the city was founded, when it expanded to its current size and how the immigrant population made its way to different areas.

Participate in its sporting rituals

Most countries and even regions have a favorite sport which is a huge part of the regional character. It would be hard to understand New York without seeing its natives at an American football or baseball game at least once.

Make a friend who has lived there all their life

Even after taking time to experience everything about the place, there will be some things that you cannot learn unless you have a lifetime to try. In such cases, it helps to know someone who can explain some of these hazy details to you and even take you to see other sights and taste new flavors that you might not have known you should look for on your own.

Your essay writing skills will definitely come in handy for this piece so you should have a fair amount of practice if you want to be successful.

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