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Creating A Good Comparative Essay Without Effort: Helpful Instructions

If you have been assigned to write a comparative essay, it is important you carry out extensive researches on how to write stellar papers. This is especially important if it is your first time of writing such paper. This comparative paper could be on two different sports teams, two differently located governments, two historical figures or two processes. The list just goes on. These two or more things being analyzed might have easily discernible similarities but on closer observation, there are also crucial differences. What determines the quality of your paper is how knowledgeable you are in composition of comparative essays.

Now that you are here, your limited knowledge on how to create a good comparative essay should no longer be a concern to you. Listed below are a few instructions to help you craft a compelling comparative paper with minimal effort. These instructions include:

  • Understand the type of paper you are writing: Yes, it is a compare and contrast project but there could be more requirements attached to it. While some projects and just simple comparative papers, others could go further to need an argument developed as it has to do with the comparisons. In this case, merely writing about the similarities and differences would not make any meaning to your tutor.
  • Carefully go through the prompt: This is where the relationship between the idea in your head and the prompt of the paper comes in. There are usually key phrases contained in a comparative essay. Make sure you underline these key phrases as they will help you not to derail from the paper prompt.
  • Ask questions: Don’t go writing blindly, if you are not sure of what you are asked to do. What you need to do at this point is to seek clarification from your tutor or lecturer. Remember, if you write the essay incorrectly, you will have to rewrite it all over again or risk having lowered grades.
  • List and evaluate differences and similarities: Agreed that your paper is a comparative essay but it is also important that you have a list of the differences and similarities between the items being compared. There should be inclusion of certain contrasting features.
  • Grounds for comparison: You should be able to, through your grounds for comparison, convince your target readers that your choice of comparison is not random but deliberate and also, meaningful. This can also be referred to as “Frame of Reference“

After all these, you then proceed to researching on the subjects of your comparative essay. This is then followed by the development of your thesis statement. In writing your comparative paper, experts advice that you write the body of the paper first, followed by conclusion and introduction last.

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