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Coming Up With Global Thematic Essay Topics- 15 Great Suggestions

When you are preparing for your exam, you can write a few thematic essays to get an idea of what you will encounter on the exam. You would want to practice writing papers that relate to what you may have to write about for the exam. Having a list of possible topics that may appear on your exam gives you the opportunity to practice in a real life situation so that you are as prepared as you can be.

Put yourself in an exam situation by finding a list of possible topics and then putting them on little slits of paper. Sit at a desk in a quiet spot and choose three of them. Choose one and then write about it. Then take that paper and edit it and have others edit it to see where you can improve your skills. You can continue that process until you feel comfortable with the assignment.

Here is a list of 15 great suggestions that you can use to get ready for your exam.

  1. 1. Throughout global history, individuals of different religions have worked to gather people and others worked to pull them apart. Choose two religions and:
    • - Describe two beliefs for each region
    • - Explain how they brought them together or pulled them apart in a specific place and time
  2. 2. Many individuals brought changes in history that have had both positive and negative results. Choose two individuals and:
    • - Discuss two changes each has made in a specific country
    • - Determine whether the changes had positive or negative effects on that country
  3. 3. Throughout history, the activities of humans have altered the land that they live on and their environment which may have affected the society of those people. Select two changes of a society or two different societies that have made changes to their environment and:
    • - Identify where the change took place
    • - Explain how the environment was changed by their activity
    • - Explain how it changed the society
  4. 4. Geographic factors have had an influence on historical events. Choose two nations and for each one discuss the two geographic factors in each nation and explain how each one has influenced the event.
  5. 5. Identify two political, economic, and social conditions have led to turning points in history and explain the changes they made.
  6. 6. Explain how a geographic feature has positively or negatively affected the development in that nation and in a surrounding nation.
  7. 7. Discuss two scientific or technological advances that have impacted history and explain the relationship between the two and how it changed history.
  8. 8. Define “human rights” and list two different violations and describe what caused these violations and the effort that was taken to fix the issue.
  9. 9. Define “industrialization” and talk about a nation and the specific examples of how they industrialized and the response from the workers because of it.
  10. 10. Identify two revolutions not based on politics and describe a change that came about because of it and the impact that it had on the societies involved.
  11. 11. Discuss possible anthropogenic and natural factors that affect the climate change throughout the globe and the possible reasons for the change.
  12. 12. Discuss the impact of globalization on the changes in the different family types. Discuss two changes and the reasons for these changes.
  13. 13. Discuss the effects on the social issues between the Israelis and the Palestinians and the reasons why.
  14. 14. Discuss how pollutants have changed the global climate and how these changes will affect the future.
  15. 15. How will animals and plants be affected by a global climate change and their migration cycles in various areas and the effects.

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