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Picking A Narrative Essay Topic For Middle School Students

Have you ever heard a story with characters so interesting you couldn’t wait to hear what comes next? Of course, we all have, and that story was most likely a narrative. A narrative essay is simply an essay that tells a story. It can be funny and engaging, or dark and scary, or any type of story you can think of as long as it has a clear perspective. A perspective is a point of view, and a narrative is very often told from the point of view of the author. That’s you! So, if you’re trying to pick a topic to write a narrative essay on, why not pick something you’ve experienced, dreamed about or heard about frequently? This doesn’t mean it has to be true, or even realistic, it just has to be a great story. This assignment can be really fun if you let it be because it’s all about your inner life coming out in order to inform or entertain.

Some interesting topics might include:

  • -My Summer in Maine
  • -The Robot That Took Over My Town
  • -Volunteering at the Dog Shelter
  • -A Vampire’s Best Friend
  • -Lost at Sea
  • -My Sister’s Operation
  • -The Family’s New Car and How I Messed Up Really Bad!

Now, some of these topics might sound like a great idea to you, but you may also not have anything to contribute to them. If you want to really write well, you’re going to want to look into your own mind and pull out something great. Look at the topics mentioned, what do they all have in common? Well first, you can easily picture what the story is going to look like just from the title. Some other characteristics narrative essays have in common are:

It makes and supports a point

It has a large amount of detail

It employs verbs and modifiers colorfully

It has conflict and order

You can choose to use dialogue or not

Keep all of these things in mind and think about what you find the most interesting or know the most about. Where did your family go on vacation? Did anything happen that was interesting? Have you ever wondered what would happen if Robots/Zombies/Vampires took over your town? Do you volunteer anywhere? When have you messed up REALLY bad? Then picture yourself in these situations, or any other situation you like, and pick the one that sounds the most interesting to you. And there you go! You’re well on your way to writing the most interesting narrative essay ever!

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