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Good Ways To Start A Comparative Essay: Writing Techniques From An Expert

A comparative essay is a paper that compares two topics. It is designed to look at the comparisons and contracts between the two topics. When you are being asked to write this type of essay, the introduction is very important. You can’t write the introduction like you write other types of essays. This paper has a unique introduction. Here are some great writing techniques that you can use to write an excellent essay.

  1. 1. Start with a catchy fact
  2. You need to start your paper off with a catchy and interesting fact that you have found on the topics. If you can find one that describes a comparison between the two that is really interesting, you can draw your reader in and make them want to learn more. This is the point of the first part of the introduction because you need to get your reader’s attention and then work to make them want to continue reading your paper.

  3. 2. Background information on first topic
  4. You will want to give some background information on the first topic that you will be comparing. You should make sure that you give enough information that your audience will be able to understand the topic even if they have never heard about it before. It is important for them to know the basic information so that your paper makes sense.

  5. 3. Background information on second topic
  6. After a transitional phrase, start to discuss the background information on the second topic. This is very important because it will give your reader information on both topics so that even if they have never heard about them before, your paper will still make sense. Your reader will now have information on both of the topics so that they can start to build an image of what you are going to be talking about

  7. 4. Thesis statement
  8. The heart of your paper and the whole reason why you are writing the paper is your thesis statement. It is usually between one and two sentences long. You should think about it as a summary of what your paper will be about. Your whole paper should concentrate on proving this point. You will want to exclude information that does not work towards proving this point. It will only take away from the paper.

These tips should help you write a successful beginning to your comparative essay.

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