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The Top 20 Topics For Argumentative Essay: Tips For Students

You’ve got an assignment from your teacher – to write an argumentative essay on a free-chosen topic. The next evening you find yourself staring at a blank piece of paper with no ideas in your blank mind. In that case you have to read the following easy steps of how to choose the best argumentative essay topic and succeed in your class.

Firstly, ask yourself, maybe you have been studying something interesting during your lessons. Just check your text books for some useful notes, your essay theme might be there. Ask your teacher if he/she can help you with selecting process. You can get plenty of professional advices, but try to avoid themes with which you are not even acquainted.

Another good step is to brainstorm. Turn your mind to all of the potential ideas, literature, facts, disputes, hobbies, or current events, like seminars or lectures you have currently visited that you could write your paper about. Now liquidate every unreasonable theme from your list of ideas. Those must be the topics that will need a lot of researching, additional studying, extra outside reading and other time wasting process.

A beneficial manipulation is to think about your readers. Think of the themes that will be interesting for them. Read your list of ideas to your friend or relatives, they will help to cross out unsuitable ones. Now choose one from your list of notes and get it over with. Be careful not to waste your precious time and leave your assignment till the last evening just because you can’t decide on the topic.

Unless, you still don’t have any ideas about your perfect argumentative essay topic, read the following list of the top 20 best topics:

  • Are humans the cause of climate-change?
  • Can tortures be humanistic?
  • Are lotteries fair?
  • Can cheating be acceptable?
  • Is modern society Internet addicted?
  • Is cigarette smoking dangerous?
  • Can cell-phones cause cancer?
  • Should abortions be legalized?
  • When is the right age for teenagers to make choices?
  • Can age influence on the quality of driving?
  • Is it good to legalize marihuana?
  • Are gay marriages acceptable?
  • Should gay people adopt children?
  • Can girls make first steps in dating?
  • What are the downsides of homework?
  • What are the pluses of school uniform?
  • Can religion be the cause of war?
  • Is the cost of universities too high?
  • Animal rights – should animals be used in experiments?
  • Human cloning – ethical sides or can humans play role of God?

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