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15 Excellent Essay Writing Prompts Related To Great Expectations

If you need to compose an essay that is dedicated to a work of literature, it can be both a challenging and very interesting task. However, before you start a research, you need to choose a good topic that will be interesting to you and to your readers. Below, you will find several tips and interesting writing prompts that can be useful to you.

Good Essay Topics

A good topic for an essay is a topic that inspires you with a desire to research, find interesting facts, and share them with others. If you choose a topic that is really interesting to you, you will not suffer in the process of writing, you will enjoy it a lot.

Interesting topics don’t always come for granted. Sometimes, teachers don’t offer students their own ideas but open the door for creativity. In such a case, you definitely need some interesting ideas. The quickest way to find them is to use the Internet and see what is offered there.

Below, there are 15 interesting suggestions that can help you compose an excellent essay.

  1. How is good and evil described and contrasted in the Great Expectations?
  2. Render the examples of humor that can be found in the novel. Explain its role.
  3. Explain the way Charles Dickens builds up the suspense in the novel.
  4. Describe the effect that Estella has caused on Pip and the role of this effect in his life.
  5. Explain the effect and impression that Pip has experienced after visiting Miss Havisham’s house.
  6. Describe Pip’s meeting with Miss Havisham’s relatives and the impression he had after it.
  7. How do you think, what has made Pip think that Miss Havisham was his benefactor?
  8. There are two settings in the novel: Miss Havisham’s house and the forge. What’s the meaning of each for the plot of the novel?
  9. Describe Pip’s feelings about London and render citations from the text that support your point of view.
  10. The Great Expectations has two endings. Which of them do you prefer? If neither, what would you like the ending to be?
  11. Do you think that Estella’s change at the end was real?
  12. Does the novel convey the idea of learning through suffering?
  13. How did the sense of guilt affect Pip’s life and world outlook?
  14. Compare the real and metaphoric imprisonment in the novel.
  15. Is Miss Havisham a true-to-life character? Which events can make a person turn into another Miss Havisham?

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