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How To Write A 3-Paragraph Opinion Essay: 5 Rules To Keep In Mind

Elementarily, crafting an outstanding essay needs great cognitive mind and hard work. Otherwise you will encounter multiple challenges that may turn your efforts futile. In an opinion essay, the writer gives his or her point of view with regards to the given question and the subject matter. The following 5 five rules will keep you on the course if you choose to cohere to them.

  • Prewriting
  • Before any writer can jot down the first sentence of the essay, he or she must first prepare adequately to ensure that ideas are available. First and foremost, visit your school or local library and gather all the germane textbooks, journals and even magazines. Alternatively, you can source out data from the internet. Note down the information on a piece of paper for future use. Complete your preparation by drawing an appropriate outline that will direct you in the course of your writing so that nothing is left out.

  • Craft the introduction paragraph
  • Your introduction should basically state the what is your position concerning the given topic. The choice of words should be unparalleled. This means that your tone will be enchanting and captivating and will be able to get rid of mind numbing information. Avert from repetition as much as possible and if need be, employ synonyms. Also do not forget to capture the thesis statement. This should come out in lucid and acquit manner. Brevity should be maintained such that all the information should fit in only a single paragraph.

  • Compose the body paragraphs
  • The body is the key part of the paper. It should be crafted with maximum concentration so that all the points listed are backed up effectively. Draw your evidence from the primary texts that you employed for research. Avert from including irrelevant information as this can lower the quality.

  • Conclude your essay
  • In this section of the paper, the writer simply ingeminates the points in a logical manner through the aid of appropriate connections. Do not include any idea which you did not initially mention. Moreover, you can list your recommendations but they should be relevant to the topic.

  • Proofreading
  • This is equally an important aspect which should not be left out. Every writer is susceptible to making one or two typing errors and spelling mistakes. If you are uncertain of your work, take a few seconds to read through the entire text while correcting these mistakes.

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