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4 Golden Rules Of Writing An Essay Introduction And Thesis Statement

An essay begins with an introduction that shows the readers your idea and the goals of your research. With an interesting intro, your project will stand out and attract the readers. Isn’t it what you want instead of seeing it collecting dust on library shelves?

How to Compose an Introduction

An introduction that you write for your paper should be interesting and informative, in the first turn. How to do it properly?

  1. Leave them interested.
  2. Ask your readers a question. An interesting question makes them feel interested in the answer that is supposed to be found in the body of your essay. Render an interesting fact that your readers wouldn’t know. Use catchy citations. In case your readers know something about this person, they will be interested in the citation. Determine a key word or phrase of your project. If they are catchy enough, they can help you compose an attractive intro.

  3. Speak briefly.
  4. Give your readers a brief idea of what is going to be discussed in the rest of your essay. It will give your readers a direction to move on. You don’t have to state your topic directly. You can speak about it elegantly, without naming it in the text. For instance, you can say something like “The diversity of diseases has made the first American settlers try various homemade remedies”. Don’t render too many details. Don’t show up the main idea of your paper in the intro, otherwise, the readers will lose their interest.

  5. Compose a thesis statement.
  6. The thesis statement is the most important part of the introduction. Your statements are all your arguments that are put into one phrase. If somebody asked you to describe your position, using one phrase only, it would be your thesis statement.

  7. Mind how NOT to do.
  8. Your thesis statement is not a fact. Your statement is a debatable argument. It’s not a question that shifts the topic to something else. You need to be focused on one idea only. Make sure that you know the requirements that your teacher has to your statement and, if you are not allowed, don’t use the personal pronoun “I”.

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