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How To Compose An Excellent Essay: Handy Writing Tips

Sometimes the English language can seem complicated: and it is. Writing essays for school or work sometimes go unnoticed as people forget that these topics should be kept in scholarly verbiage. A list of handy writing tips to compose essays is as follows:

  • Develop an outline
  • Have a guidebook handy
  • Challenge your English language
  • Write every single day
  • If it works visually, does it acoustically?

Develop an outline

When composing an essay, the most handy thing to have is an outline. This allows for the writer to stay on track and get across the points discussed in a concise but accurate manner. This also allows for the writer to develop a structure to their writing in order to flow from one point of discussion to the next without sounding as if they are all over the place, therefore being unfortunately mislabeled as lacking intelligence.

Have a guidebook handy

No better friend exists for writers than a dictionary and thesaurus. With these two books at a writer’s disposal, plenty of options exist such as: ensuring words as spelled correctly, that the proper terminology is being used and even as a way to use similar words that were originally outside of the writer’s learned vocabulary. With these two books, writers are unstoppable.

Challenge your English language

When someone reads a book or magazine and does not understand the term being used, they can easily access the internet or a dictionary to see what the word means. A tip on how to develop as a writer is to find a word in the dictionary that seems new and exotic and write an essay using it as much as possible, without boring another reader. This is a good way to be able to expand their vocabulary for their next writing and even as a way to impress family and friends by having a larger vocabulary.

Write every single day

No science exists behind the statement that writers get better by writing. Sit down, pull out a notepad and let the free word flow onto paper. Many famous authors have been known to write 1,000 words a day as a way to keep their mind fresh on ideas and topics. For many, this would also allow for a way to look back and see what you were thinking just a few short weeks or even years prior.

If it works visually, does it acoustically?

In order to assure that an essay is written well, it may seem to be written well, but does it sound as good when it is read aloud? This is the best way to ensure a writer is not using any run-on sentences, but sounds good grammatically. It also ensures that the writer is explaining it the way they want their reader to interpret their work.

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