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How To Come Up With Great Persuasive Essay Topics For High School Students

High school students belong to a formative age group, meaning they have soft minds capable of being shaped in whatever way the teacher demands. Their way of seeing things is quite raw, unaccustomed as they are with ways of the world. Thus, they find it hard to write long answers from the mind as they hardly know anything in depth.

This is where the necessity of persuasive essay topics arrives. They have to be cajoled into writing essays of reasonable length so that they can instill flair into the writing. The teachers should take note of the general mindset to evolve a few ideas.

Look for trendy topics

Cinema and sports are currently the trendy topics that run their imagination. Thus, you can ask them to write about the movie which inspired or influenced the most? Else, you may demand a sporting event which took them by storm. Look for the change in trends and accordingly set the essay topics.

Long-running favorites

High school students are often taken by fantasy books (Harry Potter being the latest example) and short stories. You may invite them to write a short story of their own. You may also set questions on abstract inventions from books – Think what would have happened if Albus Dumbledore was the actual villain in the Harry Potter series. They will be greatly persuaded by the topic, since they love is there.

Colorful historical events

There are some historical events which may have been catastrophic in their time but now appear colorful. The discovery of America, the advent of television and Internet; the 2nd World War; all have a certain machismo and spark in them to persuade the kids into write long essays. The logic is that when a kid thinks he knows something about the subject, he feels inclined to follow the topic further. Thus, his essays become laden with substance.

Let imagination run amok

Of course, where all else fails, imagination holds the fort. Essays on ‘a rainy day’ or ‘the biggest embarrassment’ or ‘a delightful train adventure’ or ‘a highway robbery’ are all persuasive topics. They will come up with differently-sized and tasting recipes on these topics. These essay topics are so versatile that actually hold good even for seniors.

It may be hard to persuade a high school student. However, once persuaded, they will go the long green mile. Stir them up with persuasive topics and let the magic unfold.

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