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Writing An Interesting Profile Essay About Michael Jackson

A profile essay on Michael Jackson requires you to give a vivid portrait of the pop star such that a stranger feels as though he knows him. It follows the ordinary structure with defined introduction, body and conclusion sections. Michael Jackson is popular and a lot is known about him. How then do your make your essay interesting?

  • Know the Facts
  • The profile of the late singer must be factual and accurate. Have all the details about when he was born, where he was born, his parents, siblings and anything you think will add value to your work. Look for accurate details about his singing career, the bands he performed with, his recording studios, the tracks he produced, his musical collaborations, etc. It is important to highlight his best moments as a singer and his lowest. Provide facts about his health and how his life ended. A profile essay heavily relies on facts.

  • Find Something Unique
  • An interesting paper especially on an iconic figure is difficult to write since most of his life story is known. However, not all details are available to the public. The secret to making your paper interesting is to provide unique details that have not received adequate attention. What was the size of his shoes, was he religious, is there something we do not know about his love life, etc. Avoid details that are already in the public domain.

  • Know the Structure
  • The quality of any academic paper lies in its ability to meet the required standards. Your paper must have an introduction that sets the agenda. The body must discuss the main topic with credible subtopics. The conclusion must bind all the points together and be compelling as well as memorable to the reader. Look for a sample of a profile essay and construct yours in the same manner.

  • Be Consistent on Formatting
  • Your supervisor must have issued formatting guidelines for the essay. These guidelines must be followed consistently to the end. They form part of the test areas. A consistent format allows the reader to focus on the content instead of the structure. The reader can easily identify the strong arguments because there are no disruptive formatting errors to worry about.

An interesting profile essay on Michael Jackson will be weakened by failure to edit. Editing and proofreading ensures that all facts are right and logical. It also corrects any grammar and typing errors to provide a smooth flowing academic paper.

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