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Writing A Persuasive Essay On Organ Donation: An Outline

Humans are organisms of progress. We are famous, or some might argue, infamous, for changing and manipulating the environment to suit our needs. Medicine is by far one of our greatest concerns so naturally, the field of medicine has also been changing and growing with us as we advance further into the technological age.

Despite our natural tendency to advance and change for progress, one aspect that has proven to be difficult to change is the matter of personal opinions. Many advances in medicine have caused great controversy among specific groups, most prominent among those groups may be religious groups. Many hold the belief that the human body should not be modified or manipulated outside of its original design and contents, while some fear that manipulation may eventually cause the demise of the species through the creation of some super disease.

Despite protests from these groups, the procedure of organ donations has saved many lives since it’s implementation as an accepted medical practice. Here are some guidelines to follow when writing a persuasive essay on organ donation:

  1. 1. Discuss the obvious need for the practice
  2. The world is an unpredictable one and as a result, many accidents happen on a daily basis. Someone may lose a finger, and arm, a leg or an eye during the course of their daily activities. In these cases, the availability of a willing transfer is necessary to allow the once healthy person to resume a normal life or in instances of death, the organs of the unfortunate victim can be used to make life better for a living person.

  3. 2. Explore the successes
  4. There are many documented cases of operations of this nature being successful and saving lives but the rarity of available organs poses a serious set back to persons in need of organs.

  5. 3. Show how refusal to accept has negatively affected our society
  6. Many individuals are capable of donating parts of their bodies but may be prevented from doing so because of unfounded beliefs. As a result numerous people wait years for kidneys, or blood transfusions and some have died due to lack of an available donor.

  7. 4. Discuss the beliefs of resistant groups
  8. Give thorough consideration to the beliefs of groups that oppose the practice. Try to understand their position and give relevant arguments to their reasoning. Having one more donor out of every million people will make a significant difference in the amount of patients on the waiting list.

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