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Eleven Topic Ideas For Creating An Excellent Essay On Cultural Diversity

If you are writing a paper on cultural diversity, consider these key areas. These key areas can help to not only streamline your content, but ensure that you turn in a paper that is well-written with a really good idea.


  • One area that you can start with as it relates to society is looking at the news and writes about the various incidents in Ferguson and how different groups can come together to not fight. How can they heal the tensions?
  • You can also consider writing about why it seems like some industries and businesses are very isolated and not as culturally diverse as they should be. How can we change this?
  • You could also write about minimum wage and why it seems like a lot of minority groups are being targeted with lower salaries. Is there a way to fix this?
  • What if you wrote to your parents and your grandparents? Were they immigrants? Do they struggle to get jobs, and have they gone to school?
  • A great paper that you could focus on is to write about the history of your particular family and how they came to America. Or if you know of a family who immigrated here, interview them and write their story.
  • Consider writing about the ethnic groups at your school. Which ones are more dominant which one stand out? Which ones do you notice are structured and focused more on class work?
  • Look at key business leaders and question whether or not they are in their positions because of strong work ethics that they learned from immigrant parents and grandparents.
  • Consider writing about the origins of the country where your family came from.
  • Another great area you could focus on is to look at a top, key industry leader at some large corporation and write about their experience where you look at their cultural upbringing and bio information.
  • Write about what it takes for a man or woman who is a minority to become a successful leader. It could be someone in the business world, someone in finance, or it could be a celebrity.
  • Lastly, consider writing about areas where we still are not as strong as other groups are. For example, maybe we don't look at certain groups as being focused on business and ethics as opposed to other groups. But are we stereotyping? Factor in where we are wrong with these particular stereotypes.

As you look at these various ideas, this will help to guide you in your paper and help to get you a good grade on your assignment.

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