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A List Of Offbeat Essay Topics About The Invisible Man

Invisible man is a story of a black man written by Ralph Ellison. Few decades back there was existence of racialism in America. This was discrimination was on the basis of colour, black and white. The black people were deprived from their basic rights. They have long history of suffering by the white people. Consequently the black people started revolution against them. In the novel The Invisible Man Ralph Ellison has projected such a deprived character that is well educated but he has to struggle at every stage only because he was black man. His entire life was controlled and oppressed by the white dominators.

  • Study the novel before writing essay
  • Before writing an essay on the topic of The Invisible Man one must go through the novel. It will be difficult to write anything about the novel without knowing it. There are various aspects on which Ralph Ellison has elaborated and try to highlights the major problems faced by the black people.

  • Women exploitation in the novel
  • In the novel the Invisible Man the victim of exploitation is not only the black people but women also included. The black females were supposed to be exploited as they were black in the eye of the white people. They did not lose any opportunity to exploit black people whether it was male, female and child. They did not have mercy even on black children. It is noted that the white women were also suffered.

  • Darkness into the heart of white people
  • The novelist has revealed the darkness into the heart of the dominator. They made rule in the interest of white people. The novelist Ralph Ellison captioned as Law of Jungle. It seems to the writer that they act as cleave wolf. But the writer is hopeful that one day their empire will vanish and black people will be able to rise.

  • Believe in struggle
  • In the entire novel the writer seems to believe in the power of struggle. The black people have suffered a lot on the basis of racialism but changing is the rule of nature and one day come when black people will snatch their basic writes from them and become independent.

  • The quest for divinity
  • The Invisible man in the novel tries to avoid society in order to find divinity. He thinks that by keeping distance from the society he would be free from the negative influence of the society.

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