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How To Write An Amazing Conclusion For An Essay About Technology

Many students make the mistake of getting to the conclusion part of the paper and losing steam. They just want to get it done so they write some general statements and end their technology essay like that. This is a huge mistake. You never want to work really hard just to throw it all away at the end. You have went through this entire process and now that you are almost done, you can’t just throw some things on the page and call it a day.

The conclusion is a key element in your paper. It is your last chance to get your audience to understand what your paper is about and the reasons why you are writing it. It is your last chance to prove your point. Make sure that when you are creating your paper that you include these elements.

  1. Restate your thesis statement
  2. You want to make sure that you restate your thesis statement one more time. Do not write it the exact same way as you did the first time. This time you want to make sure that you write it a little differently. Remember that now you have given the evidence to support it so your audience will see it in a new light.

  3. Restate your main points
  4. Restate all of your main points. These are the reasons to support your thesis statement. Be sure to nail them home. This is your last stitch effort to get your point across to your audience.

  5. Tie up any loose ends
  6. This is where you will tie up any loose ends. If there was something that you talked about earlier that will help win your case and get your audience on board with the thesis statement, than you should touch on it again here.

  7. Give them something to think about
  8. Another technique that some people use in the conclusion is to leave the reader with something to think about. This has to be something that relates directly with the topic. It is a way of leaving your reader thinking about your essay well after they are done reading it. This could be a statistic that you found and wanted to present but had no other place to put it.

If you include these elements in your conclusion, you are sure to have an amazing essay.

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