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A List Of Controversial Essay Topics About Why Honesty Is The Best Policy

The “Honesty is the Best Policy” adage is a popular essay subject to write about in all types of classes – from history to literature to ethics. It’s so common, however, that sometimes students have a problem zeroing in on a specific topic that is both original and interesting. This is the reason we’ve compiled this list of controversial essay topics for consideration:

  1. Put yourself in the position of a doctor or some other health practitioner who has terrible news about a patient’s health. If laws were not in place requiring a doctor to deliver bad news, should they not be honest in order to maintain hope in the patient and his/her loved ones?
  2. Do you believe that it is absolutely necessary to be honest to law enforcement even if it means putting someone who is close to you (a family member or a friend) at risk of arrest or some other kind of punishment?
  3. If you found out that someone close to you was having an extra marital affair and the person’s spouse confronted you directly about what you know, what do you think the best approach would be?
  4. Are you a big enough sports fan that you are willing to spend your life savings on an important sporting event but it would involve you secretly using money you share with your spouse. Would you tell the truth?
  5. Is the 5th amendment a necessary right to prevent self-incrimination under oath or does it allow for someone to stall the process of a trial despite being willing to testify?
  6. Do you believe that governments should allow for truth telling technologies (lie detectors or truth serums) as a means to protect citizens of specifically dangerous crimes such as violent terrorist acts or would these be human violations?
  7. Law enforcement often put an option for people to take plea bargains in which they tell the truth in exchanged for a reduced or no sentence. What is the risk of these truths being fabricated?
  8. Should defense lawyers be compelled to tell the truth in situations where they know their clients are guilty of having committed a crime or is this gross violation of client rights?
  9. Do you think all persons in political positions should be open about their personal finances during the time in which they are in office?
  10. What are some reasons where it’s better to lie than to tell the truth? Consider family or friendship issues where the persons involved can be tremendously hurt.

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