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How To Compose An Excellent Five-Paragraph Persuasive Essay

Are you worried because you want to compose a great essay for your school? Do you need some guidelines in composing a five paragraph persuasive essay? Are you concerned because you want to score high in this assignment? Do you have plenty of ideas in your mind but not sure how to organize them in your paper? Do you want to write a winning paper but lack enough skills to persuade your audience? Do you have a basic idea in your mind that you would follow for your paper?

The first thing you need to realize is that there is nothing difficult in writing a persuasive paper. All essays traditionally follow the same format of introduction, body, and conclusion. You have nothing to worry about in this case at least. The major difference between a persuasive paper and other academic assignments is that this requires the writer to develop a convincing tone and prove his ideas to the readers. You need to develop a stance and find enough supporting evidence to prove your stance logically and factually. You need to remember that it is must to stay objective while writing your paper. Readers will not want to believe you if you state something as good or bad based on your personal experiences without any evidence. To help you understand the process, let us look at each section individually

  1. 1. The introduction
  2. The introduction is the first paragraph of your paper and must be able to do two things. An introduction must be able to present your topic to the readers in an engaging and precise way. You should not change the meaning or direction of the topic in order to make it engaging for your readers. The other thing you need to do is to define the scope of your paper. You can do this by including a thesis statement by the end of your introduction paragraph

  3. 2. The body
  4. The body of your paper serves to explain your major arguments and supporting evidence for each. Generally, your essay will have three body paragraphs each discussing one major argument in your paper. One major argument will need three or more supporting ideas

  5. 3. Conclusion of your persuasive essay
  6. The last paragraph in your paper is the conclusion. This is where you need to summarize the entire paper and emphasis on your thesis statement

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