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Michael Jordan

In every niche, there are always the all-time famous icons. In sports, there are many popular players, whether basketball, baseball, wrestling, MMA, golf, or soccer. Though each sport has their greats, basketball has Michael Jordan. Though each viewer has their own personal favorites as far as players are concerned, Michael Jordan has reached a prominent notoriety in basketball. Here are some interesting facts about Jordan:

  • Michael Jordan was placed in the top 50 players in the National Basketball Association (NBA). This happened in 1996.

  • Jordan commissioned an artist to make a dining room table for him. The table was unwelcoming looking; metallic with numerous holes in them. However, when counted to a total, the number reached 32,292, which was the amount of points Jordan won in his basketball career.

  • Jordan has a strain of salmonella named after him. Dr. Stranford Shulman noted that he was a huge fan of the basketball player, and when he found a previously unknown strain of the disease, he named the strain after him. It’s referred to as Salmonella mjordan.

  • Jordan has an avid love for golf. He can often be spotting golfing and smoking a cigar, of which he also enjoys in his recreational time.

  • The Director Spike Lee attended his wedding. Jordan was previously married, but in 2013, he married his second wife, Cuban-American model, Yvette Prieto. Spike Lee and Jordan are actually friends, and he attended the wedding.

  • Jordan donated his entire yearly salary to September 11th charities. In his 2001-2002 salary, an estimated 90 million dollars, Jordan decided to donate the money to 9/11 charities after the unfortunate event occurred. $100,000 was donated to a fund which assisted children pay for education expenses, and the rest was donated to relief efforts.

  • In 2009, Jordan was given one of the greatest honors in basketball career: he was inducted in to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. He accepted the honor with happiness but deep sadness, acknowledging that his career as a player was over.

Throughout his career which spanned from 1984 to 2003, Jordan has made an impact on many people, whether positive or negative. Jordan is retired professionally from playing at age 52 currently, but continues to his endeavors as a businessman and as owner and chairman of the Charlotte Hornets. Jordan is married and has three children, one of whom aspires to be a professional basketball player as well.

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