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The Top 10 Hottest Essay Topics On Social Issues

Social issues have always been a source of controversy. There is nothing that lights up a tired lecture hall or raises mind provoking ideas through the pages of college papers throughout the world like controversy. This makes social issues very ideal for generating essay topics. Here is a list of the top 10 hottest essay topics on social issues you may consider.


With national security always on high alert as a result of the concerns for the reprisals of wars in foreign countries, and extremist groups forming all over the worlds, immigration is undoubtedly a very controversial issue of debate.

The Right to End One’s Own Life

Assisted death continues to raise heated debates among governments, religious leaders and ordinary people across the entire world. Debate surrounding the issue of whether helping those with terminal illnesses and severe mental conditions to die is ethical.

Plastic Surgery

A significant percentage of the society is increasingly becoming fixated on plastic surgery as people attempt to recapture their former youthful looks. On the other hand, surgeons continue to cash in these insecurities, using their tools as magic wands to offer superficial happiness. This topic creates various contentious issues of moral debate.

Pharmaceutical Pills

These days it seems like the pharmaceutical industry is developing pills for every condition. From sleeping pills and slimming pills, to sexual arousal pills and even pills for preventing future sickness in the event that one gets sick. The big question is whether these pills are doing more harm rather than good.

Ethnic Adoption

On the surface, providing a child born into underprivileged circumstances with a better life seems like a great act of human kindness. However, when the child is of a different ethnic background to his/her adoptive parents, there are concerns about the potential negative impact of the inevitable acculturation on the child’s development.

Human Trafficking

The trade in humans as if they are commodities is a lingering stain on humanity’s conscience. However, the most disturbing issue about human trafficking is that a large number of trafficked people end up in the developed world. How is this allowed to go on?

Genetic Manipulation

The issue of genetic manipulation seemed like the stuff of sci-fi movies a couple of decades ago. However, advancements in medical research have made even human cloning a very real possibility. This has prompted debate over whether science is going too far in attempting to play God.

Animal Testing

The issue of using animals for testing drugs and other beauty products meant for humans. Why can’t we use natural products instead of subjecting animals to chemical-laden products?

Death Penalty

In 20% of the countries in the world, the death penalty is both in law and actively practiced. However, concerns are raised as to who should judge whether a person deserves to die for his/her crimes.


Abortion has been a hot topic for debate for a very long time now. There are those who are pro-life and others who are pro-choice. Where does the balance lie?

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