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12 Interesting Topics To Write An Exploratory Essay

Exploratory essays are great fun if you have a topic you like. Since it’s different from an argumentative or persuasive paper, you basically explore your topic in any direction and discuss it. There’s much more freedom with this kind of homework, but it does depend on your teacher’s instructions. Even under the usual format of an exploratory essay, your teacher might want more strict guidelines or specific topics. So make sure to talk to him or her about it before you start writing.

How to choose a topic

Your topic is probably the most important part. The entire project will be relying on this topic and you shouldn’t change it once you start, so pick one you really like from the beginning. Since you’ll be presenting other points of view in this essay, you should choose something you have a passion for. Use the following list of ideas as a place to start from. Feel free to use any of these or to brainstorm others after reading it.

  1. 1. Adoption should be encouraged to create a family
  2. 2. Could distance in a dating relationship be positive?
  3. 3. Should schools change to having all digital textbooks?
  4. 4. How can we stop shootings at schools from happening?
  5. 5. China is an upcoming global superpower
  6. 6. It’s good for your body to run a marathon
  7. 7. Should women be paid more who are pro athletes?
  8. 8. Should it be mandatory to donate organs?
  9. 9. The number one reason why people divorce
  10. 10. Is human cloning immoral—should it be banned?
  11. 11. Are pets important for the development of children?
  12. 12. Should ads for political campaigns be limited?

Once you’ve had some time to look over that list, talk to a friend or classmate about your ideas. Maybe he or she is trying to decide on a topic as well, and you can brainstorm together. It’s often beneficial to work with a friend when allowed by your teacher. This way, you can find the writing going faster than working alone.

Writing this kind of essay is fun if you have a great topic. Start doing some research on the above topics to find out if you like them or not. There’s plenty of material to read and watch about each one. If something starts to grab your interest, then you can pick that to write your homework about.

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