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Sixteen Good Illustration Essay Ideas You Should Consider

Illustration essays are essentially the point of view of the writer on a certain issue that should be furnished well with data and evidences in support of the point of view highlighted on the respective topic. The characteristic feature of illustration essays in that the discussion is done through comparison and use of examples.

There are many topics when it comes to illustration essays that you can choose from and most of them are such that they test your writing skill and creativity rather than only being factual. When assigned an illustration essay, however, many students are often confused about what topic they should write on. The key to a good illustration essay is choosing a topic that is uncommon but has a lot of perspective about it that you can discuss in the write-up. Underneath are sixteen such ideas that you can consider if you are assigned an illustration essay:

  1. Discuss the best study habits with suitable reasoning for why they are the best.
  2. Why are we so much dependent on technology?
  3. The impact of religion and science on social life.
  4. The necessity for increasing communication between the teacher and students.
  5. The number of ways in which you can make your homework more interesting.
  6. The point of view of a swimming coach on the advantages of swimming.
  7. Why are fast foods so popular all over the world despite the negative impacts they often pose on our health?
  8. Why do people get addicted to drugs and what can be done to prevent this situations?
  9. What are the criteria that should be kept in mind while choosing a college for higher studies?
  10. Easy access to social media has given rise to increased cyber-crimes more than any positive outputs. Discuss.
  11. Violence is actually a cyclic process that has been going on for generations. Discuss.
  12. What should be the important features of a good resume?
  13. Give a detailed review of a recent art exhibition that you have visited.
  14. What lead to road accidents and the preventive that you can take against them?
  15. Give a vivid illustration of the heritages of your city.
  16. Describe the work schedule and life a Newspaper journalist.

The topics mentioned here covers several field of studies and ha many examples to them which you can easily incorporate in your essay.

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