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The Top 10 Easy Persuasive Essay Topics For Kids

Persuasive essays are a popular assignment for kids because they allow the student to cultivate their own writing voice, to practice building an argument, and in many cases to write about something they know. A good persuasive paper will outline an argument logically and in an organized fashion, in order to convince the reader of something. So, when choosing a topic for one, you should focus on something that is at least somewhat subjective, and that you can provide evidence or reasoning for.

For kids especially, persuasive assignments are opportunity to have some fun. The topic doesn’t need to be serious, it can be something funny or personal.

Use these samples to find a great topic for kids on persuasive essays:

  1. Why school summer vacation should be longer
  2. Why your dog is the best dog in the world
  3. Why teachers shouldn’t assign homework
  4. Why schools should have longer recesses
  5. Why students should be allowed to have cell phones in class
  6. Why people should have to have a license to have children
  7. Why students should be able to eat during class
  8. Why music with swears in it should be allowed at school dances
  9. Why kids should get an allowance from the government
  10. Why schools should require that kids spend more time outside.

When choosing a topic, be sure to pick one that you can think of a clear argument for. And when you go to lay out your argument, be careful to include each logical step, and not to rely on any assumptions. For instance, if you are arguing that recess should be longer at schools, you can’t just assume that all kids like recess or would rather be in recess than class. Instead, you’d want to focus on how physical activity and time outside make students healthier and more productive learners. In other words, you can’t just craft an argument around your own opinion. You should be able to back it up with facts.

Sometimes when you are choosing a topic for a persuasive essay, it’s better the choose something that you don’t necessarily believe or agree with. Especially if most everyone agrees with it. Arguing against popular opinion can make for a more interesting assignment, and it can also be helpful in creating a stronger argument because you aren’t just relying on something that you believe, you are having to use logic to show how something you don’t believe could be true.

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