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Eleven Persuasive Essay Topics For 8th Grade Students

High school teachers seem to love assigning persuasive essays to their students, so chances are you’ll need to write at least one in your school career. Persuasive essays are formal pieces of writing that require you to try to persuade the reader to adopt your point of view about a certain topic. If you’ve never written one before, you may find it a bit tough to choose a topic. That’s why we’ve put together a fantastic list of eleven persuasive essay topics especially for 8th grade students.

School uniforms

The school uniform debate has certainly been around for a long time. Some people claim uniforms build school spirit, while others say they encourage too much conformity. Should students have to wear uniforms to school?

Unhealthy food labels

Some people argue that people eat unhealthy food because they aren’t aware that it’s bad for them. Should unhealthy foods have warning labels, similar to those on cigarettes packets?

Parenting licenses

Parenting is undoubtedly difficult, but currently we take it for granted that most people are able to be decent parents. Should people be required to get licenses to become parents?

Gun ownership

Civilian gun ownership is an extremely controversial issue. Should civilians be allowed to own guns?

Second languages

Learning a second language has many benefits, especially when children learn them at a young age. Should all children be made to learn an additional language at school?

Violent lyrics

Many people claim that violent lyrics in popular music cause young people to behave in a violent manner. Should violent lyrics in music be banned?

Spam mail

Spam mail is unsolicited mail that normally contains some sort of advertising. Many people find it extremely frustrating to have their mailboxes clogged with spam they didn’t sign up for. Should spam mail be banned?

Alcohol advertising on television

Alcohol can cause many problems, such as addictions and fetal alcohol syndrome. Should companies be allowed to advertise alcohol on television?


Most people seem to agree that recycling is good for the environment, but many people still don’t bother to recycle. Should recycling be made mandatory for everyone?

The death penalty

Violent criminals definitely need to be punished, but how they are punished is still being debated. Should violent criminals be given the death penalty?


Most teenagers have cellphones, and they often take them to school. Should students be allowed to take cellphones to school?

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