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International Relations Essay Topics: 10 Up-To-The-Date Ideas

International relations is a skill that requires a lot of research and analysis on various topics related to the organizations and different nations. This analysis is usually summarized and presented in the form of a report or an essay.

There are several interesting topics for research essays on international relations. In this post, we will share some types of issues that you can try working on.

Clarify the purpose

The purpose of your international relations essay should examine the causes and effects of international current events, trends and policies. Therefore, choosing the right theme for the role is vital to write an excellent job of international relations element.

The most common topic for a report on international relations type usually deals directly on the analysis of international relations. This type of issue analyzes the relations between two countries or regions. This analysis could include the distribution of power across regions, patterns of military alliances or entire international system in the region as a whole. Countries have relationships with other countries on many different levels. By analyzing these relationships, we can come to understand how different nations interact with each other. International relations essay topics

Below we share 10 up-to-the-date ideas you will simply love to work on:

  1. North America conservative. Bush-Calderon-Harper trinomial
  2. Towards a new Arctic treaty
  3. The strategy of trioceanic countries: Russia, Canada and United States
  4. Digital Diplomacy
  5. The inclusion of Mexico strategy towards South American integration mechanisms.
  6. Commercial business: Atlantic vs. Pacific
  7. The validity of the Cold War after capitalization (no extinction) of the USSR
  8. Towards new principles of foreign policy in America
  9. Brazil and México: Leaders of South and Central America
  10. English as the dominant language in the world


Apart from the above, another theme of your essay could involve examining trades between different nations or regions. Browse current and historical trading patterns and how they have affected the growth of the nations involved. This issue is common to discuss the Middle East and China.


One of the most popular types of topics for reports on international relations involves analyzing conflicts between different nations. Make sure you keep in mind the below:

  • Analyze conflicts by examining the situation from multiple perspectives and then indicate a fair summary of events and actions that took place.
  • Gather all arguments against the purpose and reasons to consider when presenting this information. Examples of this type of issue include issues such as changes in the alliance between the United States and Japan since World War II.

Political changes

Examining recent policy changes is another option for a report on international relations. This type of theme would begin with a review of the literature to prove the facts that other researchers have already gathered.

Then, put forth your own ideas about what this policy change will mean for the future of the nation in question. This type of issue requires a thorough analysis and creating logical arguments. Examples of this type of issue include an analysis of energy policy in India from the 1970s to the present or the transformation of the United Nations in maintaining peace in the post-bipolar era.

Get going and work on your international relations essay with ease. Choose one of the suggested topics and enjoy the process.

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