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The 20 Best Persuasive Essay Topics For Middle School Students

Middle school kids are at a brilliant age. No longer babies, but not yet blighted by the horrible teenage years they are just starting to form their opinions on the world around them and are like beautiful little sponges in terms of the information that they greedily gobble up. While teaching kids of this age is a privilege and a blessing it can also be a challenge trying to come up with persuasive essay topics that they will not only stimulate but challenge them. If you are ripping your hair out at the prospect of having to pull another all-nighter trying to resolve this for your class, you might find that my list of topics saves you a lot of stress:

  1. 1. Who is responsible for saving the planet, governments or individuals? Think of some ways that you could make a difference.
  2. 2. In Finland, all new mothers are given a cardboard box full of essentials for their newborn baby. The box doubles as a crib, and the infant sleeps in it for the first few months. Is this a good idea? Should your government adopt a similar policy?
  3. 3. Should middle school kids be allowed to wear makeup when they hang out with their friends? What is a good age to start experimenting with a makeup kit?
  4. 4. Should goldfish be kept in a bowl as pets? It is cruel, or not?
  5. 5. When fishing for recreation purposes with your family, should you take all reasonable measures not to kill the fish? Is there a point to fishing if you don’t kill the fish?
  6. 6. Should kids get a say in who forms the government? Do kids have a role to play in politics?
  7. 7. Should kids be forced to help out in the local community in their free time? Would picking up litter and helping older people make them better citizens?
  8. 8. Is there a right age to leave home for the first time?
  9. 9. How many meals should you have each day? Should supper be mandatory?
  10. 10. Should manufacturers be banned from advertising sugary, fatty foods to kids?
  11. 11. How many weeks vacation should you get from school each year?
  12. 12. The merits of home-schooling: discuss
  13. 13. Are there any occasions when it is acceptable for a kid to take a gun into class?
  14. 14. Are zombies real? Is the zombie apocalypse coming?
  15. 15. Should kids be allowed to get ear piercings? Is it a form of child cruelty?
  16. 16. Should middle school kids be able to self-administer pain relief for headaches?
  17. 17. Should minors be left in charge of other minors? What age is it acceptable to start babysitting?
  18. 18. Are dogs more intelligent than cats?
  19. 19. Should dancing be compulsory in school for boys as well as girls?
  20. 20. Can boys make great cheerleaders?

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