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The 20 Best Problem Solution Essay Topic Ideas To Consider

Finding an interesting topic to use for an essay can be challenging so if you are looking for ideas to get your writing assignment off the ground then consider the follow problem solution essay topics:

Topic One

The first problem solution topic to consider revolves around illegal immigration. Consider the problem as being undocumented immigrants and one potential solution being to deport all illegal immigrants that are currently within the country.

Topic Two

Another problem solution topic around illegal immigration would be stopping illegal immigrants from entering the country. One potential solution would be to install a secured fence along all borders to stop the illegal immigrants from entering the country.

Topic Three

A third topic in the illegal immigration space would be to consider the negative implications of having illegal immigrants within the general population and the problems they cause with illegal drugs and crime. A potential solution would be to facilitate police interaction between the countries where the problem is occurring to stop the illegal activities.

Topic Four

A fourth problem topic to consider is sexual assaults of women on university property with a potential solution being implementing a buddy system for women who need to get places at night.

Topic Five

The fifth potential problem topic is sexual assault of women at university parties with a solution being to teach respect and reduce alcohol consumption on campus.

Topic Six

A sixth problem topic looks at the problem coeds face with rape in coed dormitories with the solution being rape culture reduction and education of university students.

Topic Seven

Moving on to another problem topic consider the problem being mass shootings and the potential solution as putting in mandatory waiting periods for ammunition and ammunition products.

Topic Eight

Another gun control related problem would involve police shootings and a potential solution could be reducing the amount of violence seen in video games and the media.

Topic Nine

For a slightly different problem involving mass shootings consider a potential solution being improved mental health screenings to stop mentally unstable people from committing these grisly crimes.

Topic Ten

For the midway point of these potential topics consider the problem as gun violence and the solution as implementing gun safety education within schools as a mandatory course.

Topic Eleven

Or again considering the problem of gun violence use the potential solution as eliminating violence in movies and on television.

Topic Twelve

Another problem to consider as a possible topic includes police brutality with a solution being training and culture sensitivity discussions with police officers.

Topic Thirteen

Since police brutality is such a prevalent issue worldwide consider a potential solution as using military guards and troops to remain a constant presence in the community.

Topic Fourteen

There is a worldwide problem with suicides and a potential solution is to offer prevention programs for people who are at risk.

Topic Fifteen

Consider the problem of racism within the police force and consider a solution being like races will police themselves.

Topic Sixteen

The typical student finishes university with a very large debt load to carry so consider the solution as being free university education.

Topic Seventeen

Many students leave school but are unable to find jobs so consider the solution being intern sponsorships to help train students with the skills they will need.

Topic Eighteen

High unemployment is seen in many countries of the world so consider the solution as being worldwide farming programs to employ and feed the unemployed.

Topic Nineteen

Many countries employ children as young as five years old so consider a potential solution as refusing the right to trade and sell any products they produce.

Topic Twenty

Finally, for the twentieth potential topic consider the problem with the unbalanced wages between men and women and the solution as mandatory equalization of wages and transparency to any companies operating in that area.

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