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10 Great Suggestions For American Dream Essay Topics

If you are tasked with a writing assignment, one of the most difficult tasks you have ahead of you is not simply writing the task, but rather, finding an appropriate topic. Finding a good topic is the key to success for your paper. In fact, once you have the topic, everything else seems to be easy.

Before you can choose your topic, the initial step is to review the instructions for your assignment to ensure you thoroughly understand what is required of you. If you do not thoroughly comprehend the assignment details, you will end up picking a topic that does not fit into the assignment details at which point you will have to go back and start all over, wasting a lot of time along the way. Do not be afraid to talk to your professor if you have questions about the assignment details so that you can seek the clarification you need before you focus on identifying your topic.

That being said, once you understand the requirements, it is important that you take time to select two or three potential topics because the first essay topic you pick might not work well with your assignment details. You might end up needing to write about something else, or you may not end up liking the essay topic you selected.

If you are having trouble finding potential topics you can take some time to review the ten suggestions below. Do not be afraid to refine this list or any of the items on the list so that they best meet with your assignment requirements, such as the length or pages of your paper. This can help you by serving as a stepping stone from which you can find a topic that you enjoy.

  1. Define the American Dream
  2. Write about how prejudice destroyed the American dream
  3. Discuss the evolution of the American dream
  4. Write about how the American dream is a fallacy
  5. Write about immigrants and their idea of the American dream
  6. Write about the portrayal of the American dream in films like citizen Kane
  7. Write about at what point you think a new American dream should be created
  8. Discuss the idea of the American dream as one where everyone can earn the social standing and career they want
  9. Write about whether the American dream idea provides people with false hope for success
  10. Discuss whether the American dream is all about money or not

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