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A List Of Exciting 4th Grade Essay Topics To Consider

If you are in fourth grade, or you have a child who is in fourth grade and struggling to get their next essay done, there are some great 4th grade essay topics you should consider.

  1. 1. Pretend that a genie has just granted you one wish. But he said that you only get that wish if you use it to help someone else. The genie tells you to write down what your wish is and to leave it in the refrigerator before he goes. Write about what you are going to wish for and then make sure to leave it for the genie.

  2. 2. Imagine that winter is ending and spring it starting. Now the days are longer and the weather is better. Write about how this change in weather changes what you do each day. Does it change the way you dress? Does it change the activities or sports that you do? Write out the specific differences between what your days are like in the winter versus the spring.

  3. 3. Imagine that one morning you look outside of your window and see a large castle. You run outside and look inside of the castle only to hear some strange sounds. Write a story about what people or things you meet in the castle and what happens as you explore it.

  4. 4. If you could have any pet in the world which pet would you pick and why. List three reasons why you would pick the animal that you selected.

  5. 5. Write an essay explaining what two jobs you think you might have when you grow up. Write about what those two jobs have in common and what makes them different. Do you want to be a teacher? A firefighter? A pilot? A cook? Explain how the two jobs you choose are similar and how they are different.

  6. 6. Imagine that your best friend is coming to your house for the first time. They can get to your school but from there, they need directions to reach your house. Write an essay with directions to get them from your school to your house. Make sure to tell them if the directions are by foot or by car and what things they might see on the way. Make sure to include information on how your friend will recognize your home or your apartment building.

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