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How To Find Well- Written Descriptive Narrative Essay Examples

The chief aim of a descriptive essay is the impulse to share the stories either in order to entertain or to help others to understand something. If you are supposed to write the one, you should be able to convince the reader despite of the situation you are writing on. You should have the knack to show the audience and not tell them using words. Your words should be picturesque.

Following are some of the places where you can find a wide variety of excellent pieces of descriptive narrations-

  1. Online: Web is undoubtedly the first preference of maximum students. It’s because it can be easily accessible. Almost all students are internet freak and have the devices like computer, laptop, and cell phone with internet connection at their home. Furthermore, they can have a look at articles, essay websites, magazines, etc. If they do not have any idea about any of them they should feed in the keyword regarding their topic specifically in the search engine and they will be bestowed with tons of options the very next second. They can try different search engines like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator etc,
  2. Libraries: Narrative descriptive articles can also be easily seen in various libraries of schools or colleges. You can even ask your parents, neighbor or veteran people living nearby if they are working in some educational institute and can get any book on the relevant topic. You may get tons of books where you will find remarkable topics of your choice. You can also get good help via fictional story books or the books that are famous for tales.
  3. Ask your seniors or elder siblings: These people have already passed through this stage and have a fair idea about your situation. Such essays are part of the syllabus of almost every student. Do not hesitate to ask them as they might have some books that can be helpful for you.
  4. Ask your professor: They can also be your first source of inspiration in case you do not have an internet connection at home. These are knowledgeable personalities that have piles of reference books on such subjects. Do not hesitate to borrow them for a day or two. In case they do not have them, take the name of the writers and buy them online or offline.

Remember, sources are unlimited; all you need is to go through them deliberately and pick the flow of writing. Never copy the content but learn their pattern of writing.

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