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Health Benefits Of Salt

The first importance of salt is that it makes foods tasty. It saves us the agony of going through the ordeal of taking foods that are not tasty at all. Despite the aspect of making foods tasty, salt is essential for our body’s health. There is the recommended intake of salt that is allowed by the health agencies. The recommended intake is supposed to be 500mg/day. However, the salt requirements differ among individuals. Our bodies need require salt intakes in different quantities at different times depending on the activities that we are involved in. The good thing is that most people do not have a problem with minimum salt level intakes. In fact, most of the people take up more salt than the minimum level. Men are believed to take in more salt than women. This is understandable bearing in mind that men are more active than women. Salt finds its way to our bodies through the foods that we take and the water that we drink.

Importance of Salt

Water and salt are very vital for the normal functioning of the human body. They are the driving forces of each and every body function. Each body cell requires sodium for it to function properly. In the stomach, sodium is necessary to maintain a stable stomach pH. Salt is also an important supplement during times of stress. It helps maintain a healthy level of adrenaline during times of stress. Also, during stress, the level of the metabolism is very high. Salt intake should thus be beefed up during times of stress. Proper intake of salt during these times help people sleep well which is important for dealing with stress. Salt intake is also an important factor that in maintain the efficiency of insulin. Low salt levels in our foods may lead to resistance to the effect of insulin. The right amounts of salt should be taken to ensure that our bodies do not develop resistance to insulin. Salt is also an important factor that helps in reducing weight issues as aids a lot in metabolism.

Controversies Revolving Around Salts

A lot has been said about salts. Many claims have been made that salt is one of the major factors that contribute to the heart and blood pressure diseases. Salt has also been said to be a bad ingredient for sports men. Many claims have been against salt. We should, however, understand that our bodies need salts and our body requirements are different.

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