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25 Offbeat Essay Topics On Internet Advantages And Disadvantages

Writing on the internet is a common theme in many classroom environments so when you are looking for a topic that is fun and will get good marks consider one of these 25 offbeat topics to use when writing.

  1. Advantage – Finding information on any possible subject.
  2. Disadvantage – Questioning the validity of the information
  3. Advantage – Years of research with just the press of a button
  4. Disadvantage – Search engines may take you in unintended sites
  5. Advantage – Quirky research can be done from any device
  6. Disadvantage – Unscrupulous web designers can bring you to x-rated sites
  7. Advantage – Message boards and forums provide a forum for discussion
  8. Disadvantage – Message boards and forums can stalk young victims and lure them to unscrupulous locations
  9. Advantage – Research can be done at any time of the day
  10. Disadvantage – People can become addicted to the internet and refuse to unplug
  11. Advantage – Friendships and romances can blossom with people you encounter on the internet
  12. Disadvantage – People can hide behind the computer and you are unable to see their true identity
  13. Advantage – Students can find live assistance on the internet when parents are not available to help with assignments
  14. Disadvantage – Child predators can attempt to lure young users to do dangerous activities
  15. Advantage – Large communities of online gamers share gaming experience together
  16. Disadvantage – Trolling online gamers can make the experience unpleasant and uncomfortable
  17. Advantage – The internet gives you access to information you normally could not find
  18. Disadvantage – More obscure sites can download malware onto your computer and cause it to crash
  19. Advantage – Movies and videos are readily available for download on the internet
  20. Disadvantage – Digital piracy runs rampant on the internet causing artists to lose money
  21. Advantage – The internet allows people to connect and do business worldwide
  22. Disadvantage – Doing business with foreign countries means there are little penalties for providing incorrect information
  23. Advantage – Famous universities and museums have catalogued their collections and made this available to the public
  24. Disadvantage – Sites lose money due to lack of funding and must close down as all the information is available for free
  25. Advantage – News and information is available worldwide at any time of the day.

When you are considering what to use as a topic consider any one of these offbeat advantages and disadvantages to using the internet.

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