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Essay Writing Manual: Capturing Your Readers' Attention

Hooking a reader can be likened to hooking a fish. The tools needed—if utilized correctly—can help in formulating a sure catch every time. Like fishing, compelling essay writing is a science. Master it once, keep practicing it, and you’re sure to develop good habits that will help you along in your college years. Keep in mind that you can always get a finance homework help if you need

The Bait At The Start

If we use a fishing analogy to describe a captivating essay, then there’s no doubt that the bait would represent the topic. A good topic will compel someone to pick up your paper and dive into it with deep interest.

Readers find topics with the following features more interesting than plain ones:

  • When they feel they can learn something from the content
  • The title sparks their curiosity
  • A promise of systematic and practical information that will be easy to assimilate
  • The promise of something new and unexplored

The Hook Within The Introduction

The first part of the essay is the most important because you will either win the attention of your reader or lose it. Because this is the part where your thesis statement is made, make sure you word it in an enticing way. This does not include any sort of misleading of the reader, but the statement should be compelling and preferably a tad controversial. From here you can build your introduction by hinting to the reasons why your statement is true. Supporting reasons should be stated as short as possible, as a typical essay introduction usually only consists of about 80 words or less.

The Line Through The Essay

Now that you have your reader’s interest and attention, it’s time to work hard at keeping it. Connecting the dots while giving your reader exactly what they bargained for is essential in writing a great essay.

Also try to see the line as something used to reel in the reader. You want to keep his or her attention, but you also want to give the impression that you are keeping the best for last. Keep tugging on that line and make sure you deliver at the end.

Keeping Your Essay Afloat

Remember that the reason your reader picked up your essay in the first place was because he or she was enticed by your topic title. Therefore it’s important to stay on track with what you promised in the first place. Your title is not the only factor that can keep your writing grounded. Keep referring to your research notes and keep your reference books open. If you’re wise enough to have an essay example on hand, keep using it as a guide to ensure that a sense of relevance is retained.

Sinking Deep Into Your Topic

Every topic has hidden treasure and the only way to find it is to dig as deep as you can. This can mean deeper research, deeper meaning into a concept, or a deeper truth than what appears on the surface.

By now you must’ve read that a good essay is unique from others. Digging deep is one factor that can take a seemingly boring topic and transform it into something interesting. Go that extra mile and work 30 minutes longer on your essay in order to attain this much searched for writing quality.

Catch Your Fish

Keeping a reader’s attention is something all writers try to perfect, so don’t get despondent if you don’t get it right every time. Use every essay as a guinea pig for practicing this formula and good habits will soon start to form.

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